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Chastain Otis is here to protect the business you’ve worked hard to build. From a small mom-and-pop shop to a large corporation, we can find the right business insurance protection for your specific circumstance.

We provide the best business insurance services. Below states what our insurance provides along with a description of each. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Omaha Business Insurance Services Include:

Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance protects you from a variance of claims including personal injury, property damage, and more that results from your day-to-day business operations. 

Property Insurance

Business property insurance is something every company needs – whether you own your own building, lease, or work from home. Property insurance protects your building and what is inside the building along with exterior items the company owns like fences or your business sign. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Worker’s compensation provides a salary replacement and medical benefits for any employees who are injured while employed with your business. In exchange, your employees relinquish their right to sue his/her employer for negligence. 

Business Income Insurance

Business income insurance will cover the loss of income that a business suffers after a disaster. The income loss covered might be the result of a disaster-related closing of your business or because of the rebuilding process after a disaster (think: tornado, earthquake, etc.)

Cyber Liability Insurance

When picturing cyber insurance, you may instantly picture Ransomware and online hackers. However, this specific type of business insurance covers more than just your network and the data on it. Whether you own a small, medium, or large-sized business, cyber insurance covers your business’ confidential information. This includes (but is not limited to) paper documents, a lost laptop, or an employee sending an email to the wrong address.

Business Auto Insurance

If you use your vehicle as a tool for business, other than your regular daily commute, you may need a Business Auto Policy instead of a personal policy.

Employee benefits

    • Life insurance & group life insurance
    • Group dental insurance
        • Retirement plans

Our business insurance programs provide:

  • Loss control. We’ll analyze your company’s current conditions, potentially revealing ways to lower your property, auto, worker’s compensation, or liability losses. The result will not only be decreased insurance costs, but lower losses could also help you avoid downtime and increase productivity.
  • Quick response time. As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of fast, fair service. As independent insurance agents, we only represent insurance carriers who have excellent histories of fast, fair claim settlement. We know that your business doesn’t just stop because you need to file an insurance claim, so we’ll do whatever we can to help you get back to business as quickly as possible!
  • Competitive rates. We work with a wide range of business insurance carriers that specialize in various industries, and we can work to find one that will offer you special coverage and pricing based on your specific business. To find out if your business qualifies for one of these special programs, please contact Chastain Otis.

Please click here for a confidential business insurance quote, and one of our independent agents will contact you within one business day to discuss the best business insurance options for your company.

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