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Independent vs. Captive Insurance Agents

If you have ever looked into insurance before, you might have come across the two different terms—independent insurance agents and captive insurance agents. But are you aware of the differences and how they can affect you? Chastain Otis is here to explain…

A captive agent is an insurance agent who only works for one insurance company. On the opposite end, an independent agent is an insurance agent that sells insurance policies provided by several different insurance companies rather than a single insurance company.

Chastain Otis is comprised of independent agents only. So which insurance agent is right for you?

Comparing the Difference

While a captive insurance agent has depth knowledge into their insurance policies, they have no way to help a customer that is not covered or does not qualify for that company’s products.

Do you happen to have a trampoline in your backyard? Or maybe a wood shake roof? These potential pieces of your everyday life can be more complicated to cover when working with a captive insurance agent that only has a one-size-fits-all approach to insurance.

In contrast, having an independent insurance agent gives you multiple companies to choose from to find the right coverage for your needs. This also gives you, the customer, the ability to price shop and get the best deal.

Captive Insurance Agents

  • Limited product selection
  • Do not cover everything
  • Cannot compare prices
  • Push sales based on reaching a quota
  • Can increase rates during renewal

Independent Insurance Agents

  • Personalized service
  • Access to different markets and insurance carriers
  • Competitive prices
  • Long-term support
  • Have your best interest in mind
  • Can “re-shop” if prices increase during renewal

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